Birds of a Feather
HPC Outreach - Growing the Exascale Community
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Birds of a Feather
Education and Training
TimeWednesday, June 27th10:30am - 11:30am
DescriptionIt is generally accepted that Outreach is crucial for engaging the general public in the work we do, enthusing the next generation about HPC and ensuring the wider community benefits from the knowledge that HPC provides. Yet we often dismiss the role it plays in growing and diversifying our community. To create a strong sustainable and supportive community, capable of exploiting the future systems, we also need to become more proactive in reaching out to non-practitioners and HPC beginners.

Given the importance of outreach and the growing need to improve diversity in the field of HPC, it is essential that activities have the desired benefit to both provide best quality science and ensure enough qualified specialists in a rapidly expanding field. A careful consideration of what our goals are and how to reach out to different types of audiences is necessary, while still navigating the challenge of how best to design our outreach activities. The purpose of this BoF is to bring together those who are doing, or would like to do, any type of outreach activities to discuss and coordinate our efforts better.

Following the success of Outreach BoFs at SC16 and SC17, this session will host an interactive discussion of public engagement activities to learn from each other’s experiences, exploring what works well and providing attendees with a starting point for their own outreach. There will also be an opportunity to experiment with existing activities and demos during the session, including hands-on time with popular outreach tools.
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Data Architect
HPC Applications Developer
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