Birds of a Feather
Retaining the Advantage of a diverse HPC Workforce: How to deal with Microaggression
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Birds of a Feather
Education and Training
TimeWednesday, June 27th11:30am - 12:30pm
DescriptionMost of us recognise that diverse teams foster increased productivity and output. However, in recent years it’s become increasingly clear that recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce is the single biggest challenge. What can we, each of us, do to improve diversity and build a more inclusive environment? Although, microaggression is not something people tend to talk about, it is a real issue that many of us have to face on a daily basis. But what is it? Have you ever heard of, or experienced microaggression?

Following a successful series of BoFs from Women in HPC (WHPC), this year we are joined by individuals not directly affiliated with WHPC, to focus on a topic that can affect any of us and contributes to workforce inequality. This BoF will discuss the real effects of microaggression on workplace culture and the danger it poses to recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce, as well as its impact on the welfare and associated loyalty of employees. We will discuss microaggression across the spectrum of differences both those outwardly visible and those that are not.

The BoF will encourage audience participation by collecting and discussing attendees’ personal experiences of inclusion, exclusion and microaggression supported by a panel Q&A at the end of the session. The output of this BoF will be used to develop an online resource to understand and address microaggression for everyone in the HPC community.
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