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Energy and Power Aware: Job Scheduling and Resource Management
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Birds of a Feather
Energy consumption
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
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TimeTuesday, June 26th10:30am - 11:30am
DescriptionSupercomputing centers are beginning a transition to “dynamic power and energy management.” Cost control is a major factor. Supercomputer systems have increasingly rapid, unpredictable and large power fluctuations. In addition, electricity service providers may request supercomputing centers to change their timing and/or magnitude of demand to help address electricity supply constraints. To adapt to this new landscape, centers may employ Energy and Power Aware Job Scheduling and Resource Management (EPA JSRM) strategies to dynamically and in real-time control their electricity demand. This BoF presents results of a global survey of supercomputing centers using these EPA JSRM strategies and seeks those interested in sharing experiences with dynamic power and energy management.

The Energy Efficient HPC Working Group ( identified and surveyed major HPC sites that have either actively deployed or are engaged in technology development with the intention to deploy large-scale EPA JSRM technologies in a production environment. With a geographically diverse high-performance-computing landscape, the group tried to identify similarities and differences among the centers. The survey spans from motivation to implementation, looking at system components impacted, user interaction and level of automation of the solution. The questions try to be comprehensive in nature and span a wide range of information. The intent is to give a clear picture of what exists and to allow for improved decision making for other centers when trying to advance or introduce EPA JSRM solutions.
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