Birds of a Feather
Sharing Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategies in HPC
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Birds of a Feather
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Computer Architecture
Containerized HPC
TimeWednesday, June 27th3:45pm - 4:45pm
LocationSubstanz 1, 2
DescriptionWith an increased number of HPC-friendly cloud computing options, and enabling technologies such as containers, cloud computing is increasingly top of mind of HPC professionals. Technical challenges range from data handling to suitability of cloud infrastructure to how to package workloads for portability to the cloud. But incorporating cloud and hybrid-cloud as a part of your HPC strategy is more than just a technical discussion – it’s a management discussion as well. Public and private organizations grapple with challenges that include policy, security, cost-transparency, metrics for success, and in some cases impacts to their organization’s charters.
In this facilitated session, led by Fritz Ferstl, the principal developer of Grid Engine, and Rob Lalonde, General Manager at Univa, we will seek to share experiences and best practices among organizations who are embracing cloud as a part of their HPC strategy. In addition to discussing technical approaches, we will seek to gain an understanding of some of the management challenges and some specific approaches that HPC-cloud users are taking to deal with them.
BoF Organizer/Speakers
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President and General Manager, Navops