Birds of a Feather
Physics and Engineering Sciences Workflow at Scale - Practice and Challenges
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Birds of a Feather
Extreme-Scale Computing
HPC workflows
TimeMonday, June 25th5pm - 6pm
DescriptionWorkflows are now common practice in design and analysis, where parallel simulation runs substitute for physical experiments. Coupling the upstream design models with the discretized analysis models, along with all the requisite model-building tools and post processing analysis tools via modern workflow engines (e.g., SAW at Sandia or ICE at ORNL) is replacing script-based 'workflows'. This allows more complex workflows to be created, run, and shared. Additionally, parametric runs are now the norm, and in general the simulations and analysis codes are run on large-scale parallel computers. This design-through-analysis coupling gives rise to a new set of problems, as we now span computational scale and environments (e.g., a CAD design is run on a Windows workstation, the output of which is used to mesh the problem on a Linux scientific workstation, and the mesh is then used to run a large-scale parametric simulation/analysis on a cluster or supercomputer). This trend of easily organizing tasks and data together into workflows will surely continue, giving rise to a new sort of problem in terms of managing the information and processes. In this BoF we will examine the current SotA practice and discuss some of the key R&D challenges we face as we scale out workflows in physics and engineering analysis.
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