Birds of a Feather
Preparing to Liquid Cool Your Next HPC Deployment
BoF Organizer/Speaker
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Birds of a Feather
Computer Architecture
Containerized HPC
Extreme-Scale Computing
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
TimeMonday, June 25th1pm - 2pm
DescriptionLeading chip manufacturers continue to push computational boundaries with the release of high TDP processors, which simply produce too much heat for traditional air cooled solutions to manage. Key trends that are driving the cooling industry are increased rack density, maximized performance and improved energy efficiency. Liquid cooling is uniquely positioned to deliver on all three of these demands. The properties of liquid as a heat conductor make it significantly superior at removing heat from a processor than air, while using a fraction of the electrical power. Over the next five years, we expect to see a significant shift towards widespread adoption with liquid cooling being recognized as the standard in server and data center cooling.

This BoF session will focus on how to prepare new and existing data centers for liquid cooling. Topics will include determining if liquid cooling is right for your data center, assessing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), preparing facilities, selecting liquid cooled servers and Coolant Distribution Units (CDU's), and planning for a deployment.
BoF Organizer/Speaker