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Automation N.V: CERN’s Reply to the Computing and Storage Challenges related to the Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC) Upgrade Program: Prefabricated Datacenter Modules
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 27th1:20pm - 1:40pm
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionProbing the tiniest of the tiniest particles at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN requires massive amounts of computing close the experiment facilities. FPGAs, GPGPUs and of course CPUs are employed to process and filter several terabytes of data every second. All this hardware needs a compact, efficient, modern data-centre which also should be top-class in energy-efficiency given the site-constraints. CERN has decided to use Automations’ Prefabricated Datacenter solution and will be deploying 4,5 MW total on two sites. It is a fast, flexible and efficient solution to achieve the highest quality standards and supports the high performance requirements of CERN’s ICT. The factory build lead-time is no longer than 12 weeks and the performance configurations are optimized for power and density.
The challenges for the compute infrastructure and the details of the facility will be presented.
Deputy Project Leader