Exhibitor Forum
Dawning Information Industrie Co. Ltd (Sugon): Sugon’s AI enabler: SothisAI and XSystem
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeTuesday, June 26th12pm - 12:20pm
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionDifferentiating AI solution from the rest of the world is the question must to be answered by every HPC vendor. Here, towards billion-dollar AI market, Sugon proposes what we are ready and what we will reach soon in order to help AI provider & users to accelerate model training, efficiently deploy inference, and also balance cost & performance. Leveraging the Docker technology, Sugon’s SothisAI supports mainstream Nvidia GPUs, uses Slurm as scheduling tools, and adopts Kubernetes to contain AI application. Besides series of GPU servers, Sugon also shares special AI focused library, including Xsharp and Sparse Matrix processing. It is quite encouraging that many active AI providers have chosen Sugon, such as Baidu, JD, Iflytek, SenseTime, HikVision etc..
Deputy General Manager of HPC Division