Exhibitor Forum
Gidel: Different Methodologies for Optimizing Algorithms for FPGA Processing
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeMonday, June 25th4:20pm - 4:40pm
LocationBooth N-210
Description"FPGA becomes more and more popular for high-performance and low power computing.
The FPGA usage have been delayed due to two major reasons, the development tools and the knowledge for how to architect and code algorithms in FPGAs. HLS and OpenCL technologies are improving and opening the door for most GPU developers to develop also in FPGA. FPGA and GPU architecture and code development are based on defferent concepts and it is crucial to understand the FPGA flow.
In this talk, Reuven Weintraub, an expert in FPGA based algorithms, will in-light the fundamental of FPGA processing that have effect of more than x10 in performance."