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Thercon-LHP: Thercon LHP-technology: CPU cooling and server rack solutions
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeMonday, June 25th5:40pm - 6pm
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionLHP (loop heat pipe) heat transfer technology enables a range of liquid free cooling solutions: optimized air cooling for 1U, 1,5U servers CPUs with high TDP; server rack cooling system - giving all advantages of liquid cooling but with no liquid inside the server and easy to maintain

LHP is a two-phase heat-transfer device for providing an effective thermal link between a heat source and a heat sink in cooling systems for HPC. Vaporization and condensation of working fluid circulating inside the loop of tubes provides heat transfer and capillary forces serve as a driving mechanism. Capillary structure acts as a pump with no moving parts providing high reliability and heat is a source of energy for heat transfer. Developed for high heat load applications they are easily adaptable, powerful and work with no electric energy consumption.

LHP technology provides a wide design variety which extends the application fields and performance capabilities.