Focus Session
Will HPC Transform AI or Will AI Transform HPC?
Event Type
Focus Session
TimeMonday, June 25th5pm - 6pm
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionSince Machine Learning and AI applications have come onto the HPC scene, we have seen large fractions of our HPC conferences (ISC and SC) become almost entirely devoted to using HPC hardware for AI and ML applications;. But will this truly be a revolution for science, or is because of the excitement because ML needs high-performance interconnects for scaling and “formerly" HPC node architectures such as GPUs and wide-vector CPUs. If it is the latter, does the HPC community benefit from joining a larger marketplace, or will it be smothered by the embrace of a market that is much larger and more powerful than itself (e.g. will the community have to learn to work with half-precision arithmetic in order to gain the benefits of leading-edge accelerators in the future?). Or are there truly revolutionary uses of AI for science. If so, what are the applications and what will science look like 20 years from now if a merger of AI and HPC is successful.

Our panelists will explore the impact of AI on HPC from the standpoint of Hardware Technology and from the standpoint of how AI might change the fundamental organization of R&D and Scientific discovery. Joining our discussion are:

Dr. Alessandro Curioni (Director of IBM Research Zurich) who will talk about how our entire organization of R&D and scientific discovery.

Dr. Peter Messmer (Senior Manager of Developer Technology, NVIDIA)

Prof. Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka (RIKEN/Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Department Head for Computer Science
Principal Software Engineer
Director of IBM Research Zurich