Focus Session
EC-Earth, a coupled Climate Model for extreme Event Prediction
Event Type
Focus Session
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Performance Tools
Scientific Software Development
TimeTuesday, June 26th1:45pm - 2:07pm
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionNowadays, delivering an accurate forecast for climate extreme events has become a challenge for both climate modelers and computational scientists. Improving the model skills is to a certain point associated with increasing the spatial resolution, adding more processes and running large ensembles. The achievement of these ambitious objectives leads to a huge increase in the computational resources required that are not currently within the reach of the community. One of the reasons is the poor computational efficiency of most current codes. It is for this reason that the participation of computational scientists and engineers is essential to improve model performance, port models to novel architectures that might be able to provide the resources required for the model improvement mentioned above and enhance data processing and analysis to cope with the outstanding increase in model output variety and size. In this presentation, we will list the developments implemented by the Computational Earth Sciences team in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center in the EC-Earth coupled climate model to better simulate and predict climate extreme events.
Computational Earth Sciences Manager