Industrial Day
Using MantiumFlow as an Automation Tool for OpenFOAM to run external Car Aerodynamics CFD Simulations with Rotating Wheels in the Cloud
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Industrial Day
Clouds and Distributed Computing
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Industrial Computing
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Scientific Software Development
TimeTuesday, June 26th8:30am - 9am
LocationPanorama 1
DescriptionUsing MantiumFlow as an automation tool for OpenFOAM to run external car aerodynamics CFD simulations with rotating wheels in the Cloud.

Due to the new European emissions rules, automotive OEMs have to announce vehicle emissions of their cars on all available configurations. For most cars, the wheels account for about 20-25% of the vehicle drag. As there are usually various tire sizes and rims available for a car, the wheels are now subject to intensive testing to understand their contribution to the overall vehicle drag, as this directly affects the emissions. To be able to access the drag of wheel configurations as early as possible, CFD is used as CAD designs can be used directly and many configurations can be tested simultaneously which is both not possible in a wind tunnel. However this requirement needs substantial computing resources. Combining MantiumFlow with a fast cloud solution can overcome the limits and offer a flexible CFD solution to these new challenges.
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