Empowering flexible and scalable High Performance Architectures with embedded Photonics
Event Type
Communication Optimization
Computer Architecture
Extreme-Scale Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th5:15pm - 6pm
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionThe explosive growth in data analytics applications that rely on machine and deep learning techniques is seismically shifting the landscape of high performance architectures. Driven by these applications, system performance is increasingly bottlenecked by the energy and communications costs of interconnecting the numerous heterogeneous compute and memory resources. Recent advances in integrated silicon photonics offer the opportunity of embedding optical connectivity that directly delivers high off-chip communication bandwidth densities with low power consumption. This talk will review these advances and introduce the concept of embedded photonics for addressing data movement challenges in high-performance systems. Beyond alleviating the bandwidth andenergy bottlenecks, embedded photonics can enable new disaggregated architectures that leverage the distance independence of optical transmission. I will also discuss how the envisioned modular system, interconnected by a unified photonic fabric, can be flexibly composed to create custom architectures tailored for specific applications.