Focus Session
Software between Theory and Observation: Challenges and Strategies in Scientific Computing for relativistic Astrophysics
Event Type
Focus Session
Parallel Applications
Scientific Software Development
TimeWednesday, June 27th9:30am - 10am
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionNumerical modelling is a key ingredient for connecting physical theories
to data. After an introduction to the role of numerical models in
relativistic astrophysics, I will discuss the unique challenges posed by
their construction, such as verifying and validating codes in
extreme-physics scenarios, reproducing the results from large-scale
simulation campaigns, and exploring large parameter spaces efficiently
and exhaustively. I will then review how framework-based collaborative
development has enabled scientists to meet these challenges in a number
of practical cases, including the construction of a model for the first
gravitational-wave source detected by the LIGO experiment in 2015, as
well as the investigation of the relativistic effects in cosmological
structure growth, necessary for the new generation of high-precision
observational missions which will operate in the next decade.