Industrial Day
Digital Twin and Smart Data – New Business Models in the Era of Digitalization
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Industrial Day
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Industrial Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th11:45am - 12:07pm
LocationPanorama 1
DescriptionAdvanced technological concepts like digital twin and smart data offer new opportunities in manufacturing industries. These concepts enable to newly manage value-added processes over the entire life cycle of a product. This will result in reduced time-to-market, enhanced flexibility, increased efficiency, and ensured quality requirements.
On this technological basis manufacturing companies are becoming increasingly open-minded in defining their own role in future value-added networks and in using advanced models of collaboration: Often large companies provide platforms and components. Mostly medium-sized companies provide their own solutions and business models on top of these platforms and components. These solutions are integrated into the value-added processes of their customers and create benefits.
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