Focus Session
Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities in High-Performance Computing Environments
Event Type
Focus Session
Cyber Security
TimeTuesday, June 26th3:45pm - 4:05pm
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionComputer security in scientific research environments can easily be dismissed as unimportant in contrast to headline-grabbing topics such as financial markets or the energy grid. However, (1) high-performance computing resources are national assets that can be misused; (2) scientific data can be tampered with (e.g., politically sensitive science); and moreover, (3) scientific research can also be subject to confidentiality and privacy considerations and regulations (e.g., biomedical data, social science data, smart grid data, transportation data), be of significant intellectual property value (e.g., commercially viable), and/or have bearing on national security issues.

This talk addresses current solutions, recent research, open gaps, and R&D challenges pertaning to HPC security in all three of these areas, including ways in which future HPC designs might be adapted to accommodate future solutions. The goal of this talk is to start a discussion and dialogue with computer scientists and designers of future HPC systems as a call to arms to work toward achieving key security goals, such that needed security techniques are eventually designed into HPC systems from the outset; and also with domain scientists working on scientific computing relevant to these security goals that can help inform the use cases that future computing systems serve.