Focus Session
Adaptable Compute Acceleration for Future Workloads
Event Type
Focus Session
Computer Architecture
HPC Accelerators
Post Moore’s Law Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th9:37am - 10am
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionTo meet the ever-increasing computing needs, especially driven by the emerging application of Machine Learning in several fields, the computing industry has entered an era of parallelization, in which tens of thousands of compute servers are connected in warehouse-scale data centers. As the merits of progressing Moore’s Law are slowing down, these parallel, general-purpose computing systems face serious challenges in terms of improving performance, energy and cost. Moreover, requirements of real time performance, privacy and communication bandwidth, driven by the emerging fields of Autonomous Cars and 5G wireless, create the need for more powerful and efficient computing capabilities at the edge of the network.

In this context domain-specific computing holds significant advantages. Domain-specific computing utilizes a customizable architecture and programming environment tailored to a particular application domain. Whereas faster compute hardware can be essential to improve the performance of a system, other aspects such as efficient memory access, interconnect bandwidth, deterministic behavior and low latency can be of equal importance.

We will advocate that the Adaptable Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) will assume a central role in the implementation of future computing systems in the cloud and the edge infrastructure. It provides a parallel and heterogeneous programmable platform that can be customized to optimally meet the performance requirements of different application domains.
Senior VP and CTO