Focus Session
Quantum Computing at Google
Event Type
Focus Session
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Quantum Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th11:45am - 12:07pm
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionGoogle created their Quantum AI Lab in 2013, initially to explore algorithms for machine learning on adiabatic quantim systems such as D-Wave. In 2014, the research team expanded to include the development of Google's own quantum hardware, based on superconducting qubits. In just a few years, the Google team has staked out a place among the world leaders in the development of gate-model quantum devices and algorithms. The latest Google device, code named "Bristlecone" is a 72-qubit design which should provide both the quantity and fidelity of qubits necessary to achieve "quantum supremacy", and demonstrate the feasibility of an an error-corrected quantum gate machine.
Technical Director