Focus Session
Preparations for Exascale Visualization at DOE
Event Type
Focus Session
Visualization & Virtual Reality
TimeMonday, June 25th5:40pm - 6pm
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionAs we transition from petascale to exascale computing, scientific visualization faces two fundamental challenges. The first challenge concerns accessing the ever-growing data produced by simulations on systems whose bandwidth to storage is proportionally shrinking. We can no longer rely on a file system as the medium between simulation and visualization. This requires the visualization to run in situ with the simulation. The second challenge concerns a shift in HPC systems being built with heterogeneous accelerated computing devices. Such architecture necessitates adapting visualization algorithms to run well in heavily threaded and SIMD parallel models. This talk covers some of the work that the US DOE is performing to address these challenges. This work includes the release of many software products such as Catalyst, Libsim, Ascent, and VTK-m that we make freely available to the HPC community.
Principal Member of Technical Staff