Machine Learning Day
Forging Large Scale AI Supercomputing - Inspiration from NVIDIA's SATURNV Supercomputer
Event Type
Machine Learning Day
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
TimeWednesday, June 27th2:15pm - 2:45pm
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionExciting advances in technology have propelled AI computing to the forefront of mainstream applications. The desire to drive advanced visualization with photo realistic real-time rendering and efficient exa-scale class high performance computing fed with huge scale data collection have driven development of the key elements needed to build the most advanced AI computational engines. While these engines connected with advanced high speed busses like NVLINK are now providing true scalable AI computation within single systems, the challenge to break out of the box with large scale AI is upon us. In this talk we will discuss insights gained from creating NVIDIA's SATURNV AI Supercomputer enabling efficient use of this new class of dense AI computational engines and keys to building large mulit-node systems specifically targeted for today's neural net computing work flows. In addition, we will focus on architecting systems that are ready for advanced future AI algorithm development and the challenge of AI computation at scale.
Principal Supercomputing Solutions Architect