Focus Session
Modeling the Next-Generation High Performance Schedulers
Event Type
Focus Session
File Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Storage Technologies
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeWednesday, June 27th12:05pm - 12:30pm
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionHigh performance computing (HPC) resources and workloads are undergoing tumultuous changes. HPC resources are growing more diverse with the adoption of accelerators; HPC workloads have increased in size by orders of magnitude. Despite these changes, when assigning workload jobs to resources, HPC schedulers still rely on users to accurately anticipate their applications’ resource usage and remain stuck with the decades-old centralized scheduling model.

In this talk we will discuss these ongoing changes and propose alternative models for HPC scheduling based on resource-awareness and fully hierarchical models. A key role in our models’ evaluation is played by an emulator of a real open-source, next-generation resource management system. We will discuss the challenges of realistically mimicking the system's scheduling behavior. Our evaluation shows how our models improve scheduling scalability on a diverse set of synthetic and real-world workloads.

This is joint work with Stephen Herbein and Michael Wyatt at the University of Delaware, and Dong H. Ahn, Todd Gamblin, Don Lipari, Adam Moody, Tapasya Patki, Bronis de Supinski , Thomas R.W. Scogland, Marc Stearman, Jim Garlick, Mark Grondona, Tamara Dahlgren, David Domyancic, and Becky Springmeyer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.