Industrial Day
Towards the 2nd generation of Digital Twins mixing real-time Simulation in Operation and Artificial Intelligence
Event Type
Industrial Day
Industrial Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th12:07pm - 12:30pm
LocationPanorama 1
DescriptionHPC technologies for detailed 3D simulations, multiphysics systems simulation and reduced order modeling techniques have enabled the appearance of real-time simulation-based digital twins. The applications of these digital twins are numerous: design and process optimization, operation optimization, predictive maintenance, training simulators, ...

Despite these tremendous progress some technological barriers are remaining essentially due to the prediction capacity of numerical models when dealing with very complex physical phenomena.

To solve this barrier, a new generation of digital Twin is arising enabling the continuous on the fly improvement of numerical models using models built with AI technologies applied to experimental data.

This talk will address the technological bases of this 2nd generation digital Twin technology and some recent applications will be presented.
Systems Product Director for EMEA