Machine Learning Day
Accelerating AI Innovation with ONNX and Open Source Tools
Event Type
Machine Learning Day
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
TimeWednesday, June 27th4pm - 4:30pm
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionDeveloping and deploying AI often requires using a combination of cutting-edge tools, which aren't always compatible with each other. Open neural network exchange (ONNX), a new open model specification, is working to overcome this friction and making it easier for tools to work together. The ONNX specification and set of tools, launched by Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, is now supported by a community of partners that includes hardware vendors, startups, and a growing number of deep learning frameworks. ONNX is the crucial first step toward an open ecosystem that empowers AI developers to choose the most effective tools for each project and accelerate AI research to production scale.

Facebook's strength in AI innovation comes from the ability to quickly bring cutting-edge research into large scale production using a multi-faceted toolset. We'll discuss how Facebook leverages open source software to perform truly innovative AI research, scale it seamlessly for inference, and deploy it across the data center and mobile environments with ONNX and PyTorch 1.0, our new open source deep learning framework that combines both research and production needs into one tool to accelerate AI development.
Technical Program Manager