Industrial Day
Cloud Services on Top of Classical Cloud Provider
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Industrial Day
Clouds and Distributed Computing
HPC workflows
Industrial Computing
TimeTuesday, June 26th9am - 10am
LocationPanorama 1
DescriptionMost Cloud Provider offer standard infrastructure services to the customer. But all Application Environments, Workflows and Software installation has to performed by the customer. Services on top are required by Enduser to avoid deep IT knowhow at the Enduser. No specific software vendor (ISV) will present. The presenter will give a short overview on services, they provide, on Top of Standard Cloud Provider or ISV’s. This will be done in a form of a pitching session. Only differentiator should be presented by the speaker.

Pitching session with 5-6 Provider.

Cloud Provider:

1. CloudFlow – Andre Stork

2. Penguin Computing – David Ingersoll 

3. Rescale – Grabriel Bronner 

4. T-System – Karl-Heinz Hierholz

5. UberCloud – Wolfgang Gentzsch