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(PhD11) Numerical Simulation of Flow around Complex Geometries using immersed Boundaries and DG
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TimeMonday, June 25th1:41pm - 1:45pm
LocationAnalog 1, 2
DescriptionThe numerical simulation of flow around complex geometries, considering also the resulting acoustics, gained more and more attention in the recent years, since it allows improvements in the design process in early stages of product dimensioning. It can help to reduce noise, generated by e.g. wind turbines, fans etc. Such complex simulations require a lot of compute power. But even when realised on supercomputers, a monolithic approach for solving such a huge problem is very expensive. In order to make it more feasible and reduce the computational time, we consider in the first step partitioned coupling. We divide the whole problem in smaller parts, which can than be solved individually with the best-suited numerical discretization, scheme and equations. Since this technique requires knowledge about the area, where the decomposition is reasonable and the change of equations is allowed, we consider a second technique in addition. For the second method, we do not need to have a priori knowledge about the flow behaviour in each part of the simulation domain. We can simplify the equations for solving the problem by using an adaptive method. The adaptive method changes the equations to solve locally in each element, by checking a predefined threshold for the energy, which is the indicator. We compare all methods with each other and try to find the best method, which allows a quality of solution similar to the monolithic run but needs less time for the computation.
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