GoingARM for HPC
Event Type
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Exascale Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Performance Tools
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 6pm
LocationPlatinum 2
DescriptionGoingArm for HPC all about sharing experiences and knowledge on using, deploying or developing new technologies for Arm HPC systems.

The workshop will consist on a series of invited talks on applications programmers experiences, tools developers, deployments at HPC centers and vendor roadmaps impact ARM users or HPC projects. Attendees will gain from the first-hand knowledge ranging from success on deploying ARM HPC systems at HPC centers to experiences on scientific application optimizing for 64-bit Arm and optimizations for memory systems, vectorization and scalability.

In addition to HPC applications, we will also discuss how cross-over/emerging application areas such as machine learning, deep learning, bioinformatics, and analytics can benefit from Arm systems.