ExaComm: Fourth International Workshop on Communication Architectures for HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning and Clouds at Extreme Scale
Event Type
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 6pm
DescriptionExtreme Scale computing in HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning and Clouds are marked by
multiple-levels of hierarchy and heterogeneity ranging from the compute units
(many-core CPUs, GPUs, APUs etc) to storage devices (NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics
etc) to the network interconnects (InfiniBand, High-Speed Ethernet, Omni-Path
etc). Owing to the plethora of heterogeneous communication paths with different
cost models expected to be present in extreme scale systems, data movement is
seen as the soul of different challenges for exascale computing. On the other
hand, advances in networking technologies such as NoCs (like NVLink and
Stormlake), emergence of new I/O interface architecture standards (CCIX, Gen-Z,
CAPI etc), and RDMA enabled networks and the likes are constantly pushing the
envelope of research in the field of novel communication and computing
architectures for extreme scale computing. The goal of this workshop is to
bring together researchers and software/hardware designers from academia,
industry and national laboratories who are involved in creating network-based
computing solutions for extreme scale architectures. The objectives of this
workshop will be to share the experiences of the members of this community and
to learn the opportunities and challenges in the design trends for exascale
communication architectures.