2nd Workshop on HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America
Event Type
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Exascale Systems
HPC workflows
Parallel Applications
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 1pm
DescriptionSince 1990, a wealth of projects has been developed in Latin America to build advanced computing platforms with the key support of different European institutions. Projects such as EELA, EELA-2, GISELA, CHAIN-REDS, RISC, RICAP, OPENBIO, EUBRAZIL-CC and HIPEAC constituted comprehensive initiatives of collaboration among national partners in Europe and most Latin American countries, and proved to play a key role to foster academic and industrial development. Today, the synergies that emerged from those collaborations effectively enable research, development and innovation with an important impact in the economy in both senses. This measurable growth generates new types of collaborations, following important aspects in Training, Education, Outreach, Industrial Partnership, Technical Transference and Government agreements. The purpose of this workshop is to offer a space for exchanging experiences, results and opportunities aiming at promoting and supporting new collaborations across the different countries of Europe and Latin America in order to foster collaborations between industry, universities, research centers and mixed consortiums. A First workshop was hosted by the ISC High Performance International Conference 2015. After this workshop, attendees propose to develop a 2nd workshop in 2018, in a full-day workshop, showing scientific results of the collaboration.