Approximate and Transprecision Computing on Emerging Technologies (ATCET)
Event Type
Computer Architecture
Energy consumption
Heterogeneous Systems
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Programming Models & Languages
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 1pm
DescriptionGuaranteed numerical precision of each elementary step in a complex computation has been the mainstay of traditional computing systems for many years. This era is at its twilight: to overcome the “power wall” in Exascale systems, a shift from traditional computing paradigms is now mandatory. This workshop will investigate the theoretical and practical understanding of the energy efficiency boost obtainable when accuracy requirements on data being processed, stored and communicated can be lifted for intermediate calculations. The target applications range from Big Data Analytic and Deep Learning, up to classical scientific computing simulations in HPC environments.

Topics on approximate and transprecision computing addressed in the workshop include:
• Formal and mathematical methods and algorithms
• Error resilient methods and algorithms
• Emulation, metrics, and modeling techniques
• Compiler and system software support
• Emerging Technologies: hardware, processor and memory
• Applications in Big Data, Analytics, Deep Learning, Scientific Computing, and HPC