Post Moore Interconnects
Event Type
Exascale Systems
Neuromorphic Systems
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Quantum Computing
TimeThursday, June 28th2pm - 6pm
DescriptionWith the plateauing of Moore’s Law, the international HPC community now must look beyond traditional CMOS-based computing logic and the decades-old von Neumann architecture to meet the rapid pace of innovation needed to satisfy our computing goals and priorities. Novel technologies will need to be developed that are based on new kinds of nanoscale devices (photonic crystals, carbon nanotubes) and nanomaterials, information conduits other than the electron charge such as superposition of quantum states, superconducting computing, and new 3-D architectures integrating emerging processors and memory. It is becoming increasingly clear that for Post Moore/Post CMOS computing, synergistic innovations in materials, devices, system architectures, and system software will be key to achieving new levels of performance. Our proposed Post Moore interconnect workshop will delve into relevant interconnect technologies, data movement, and latency issues. We will discuss the most appropriate types of interconnects for beyond CMOS computing paradigms such as quantum computing, superconducting computing, neuromorphic computing, and optical computing. We will also discuss the challenges in system interconnects (quantum interconnects, optical interconnects, cryogenic interconnects, electro-optical interfaces, new materials for on-die interconnects) and benchmarks/metrics for energy, cost, and scalability.