Workshop on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems
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Energy consumption
Exascale Systems
Parallel Applications
Programming Models & Languages
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 6pm
DescriptionThis workshop will present the major results of the COST Action IC1305, “Network from Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems (NESUS)”. Ultrascale computing systems (UCS) are envisioned as large-scale complex systems joining parallel and distributed computing systems, maybe located at multiple sites that cooperate to provide solutions to the users, that will be two to three orders of magnitude larger that today s systems. Sustainability is understood not only in terms of energy, but also related to programmability, usability, and maintenance to facilitate the adoption of UCS.

The COST Action IC1305 (NESUS) aims at collaboratively rethinking the current basis of development of system software for UCS to pave the way towards a sustainable future scale growth. It joins more than 75 research institutions from 43 countries. More info about the action can be seen at
The main objective of the Action is to coordinate efforts for proposing solutions addressing major challenges of building sustainable ultrascale computing systems and to target cross-layer design issues to offer a unified view of ultrascale platforms.

We have experience with organization of workshops in several events, like TASUS 2014 in Europar, International Workshops on Sustainable UCS (2015-2018), and two Birds-of-a-feather session in Supercomputing (2015, 2016).