2nd Workshop on HPC Computing in a Post Moore’s Law World (HCPM) 2018
Event Type
Computer Architecture
Exascale Systems
Neuromorphic Systems
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Quantum Computing
TimeThursday, June 28th9am - 1pm
DescriptionThe emerging end of traditional MOSFET scaling has sparked a significant amount of research to preserve performance scaling of digital computing including drastically novel computational models. This workshop brings together leaders from different areas of this grand research thrust to educate the ISC community of current progress, future and immediate challenges, as well as the state of their research in the next 20 years. Of interest is how HPC will look like in the next 20 years after exascale given all promising technologies currently in development. This discussion serves not only to formulate a strategy towards designing future HPC systems, but also forewarn programmers and algorithm designs to better prepare for future computing platforms. This workshop will examine a range of promising directions including novel technologies for digital computing, programmability of future systems, photonics, neuromorphic computing, and quantum. We will have a series of exciting invited talks followed by allocated discussion time among all participants.