Energy Efficiency Tools for High Performance Computing – EETHPC
Event Type
Energy consumption
Performance Tools
TimeThursday, June 28th2pm - 6pm
DescriptionSince costs for power represent a significant share of the overall costs for HPC systems, energy efficiency is a major issue in HPC. To tackle this issue, hardware vendors, operating system specialists, and software developers need to follow a co-design approach that makes hardware mechanisms available to tools for energy efficiency tuning purposes.
These tools can address the two main energy-efficient computing challenges: power-constraint and runtime-constraint computing. The former includes achieving the best performance under a given power constraint, and having an infrastructure that can either avoid or handle unexpected fluctuation in power consumption. Alternatively, runtime-constraint energy-efficient computing targets lowering energy consumption under a given performance constraint.
The EETHPC workshop will bring together people from different projects that target the described research topics. Furthermore, it provides a platform for discussing these subjects with interested researchers, developers, vendors, and users.
During the workshop, the Horizon2020 projects READEX and ANTAREX will present their research results and demonstrate their solutions, including source-to-source compilers, tools, interfaces, and runtime autotuning techniques. The workshop committee will invite prestigious scientists from the community to present their current work on energy-efficient HPC. Finally, the workshop will provide a forum for discussing current and upcoming issues in this field.