Jurry de la Mar currently has the responsibility for the Galileo Satellite Navigation, Copernicus Earth Observation and Helix Nebula Science Cloud programmes within T-Systems. In 2012 he was one of the initiators to create together with CERN, EMBL and ESA the Helix Nebula Initiative that fosters the development and uptake of cloud computing in science in Europe. From 2000 till 2003 he was located to Singapore as Head of Deutsche Telekom’s sales and operations in the region South East Asia and India. He joined Deutsche Telekom in 1994. He began his career with Siemens in the medical division and worked in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. He holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and a Master in Informatics, both from Free University in Amsterdam. Born in the Netherlands, he grew up in Africa and Asia, lived and worked in various countries and therefore has a strong multi-cultural background.
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