Jeff Kuehn currently serves as the Group Leader for High Performance Computing System Integration (HPC-5) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where he is responsible for the deployment of next generation HPC systems, and leads a broad research portfolio extending the current state of the art in HPC platforms, networking, and storage. Prior to joining LANL, he served as Principal Engineer and Consultant with Quantum Research International, as a Senior Scientist, Deputy Group Leader, and Co-Founder of the Extreme Scale Systems Center (ESSC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as a Senior Software Engineer and Group Leader at National Center for Atmospheric Research, and as a Software Analyst/Instructor at Cray Research, Inc. He was a co-founder of the OpenSHMEM project, the UCCS project, and the originator of several software tools for performance analysis and diagnosis of systems at extreme scales.
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