Cong Li
Cong Li is a senior staff engineer as well as an engineering manager in Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd. leading the development of Intel(R) Data Center Manager with his current interests in machine learning and data-driven approaches to system modeling, management, and optimization. He had co-authored five papers and two book chapters on his work in the area. Before joining Intel in Sept. 2003, Cong had worked as an assistant researcher focusing on the research of natural language processing and machine learning for more than two years in Microsoft Research Asia where he published several papers on top level international conferences and journals. He is also a part-time director in Children's Computer Center, Children's Palace of Chinese Welfare Institute in which he used to study computer technologies during his childhood, and now pays back with delivering various courses at weekends.
Research Paper
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Performance Analysis and Optimization
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