Hans-Christian Hoppe
Hans-Christian Hoppe is a Principal Engineer with Intel's data center pathfinding team,
where he directs the ExaCluster Lab at Research Center Jülich. He has a long track record
in HPC R&D, with emphasis on programming models and tools, application analysis and
characterization, and path finding for future HPC platforms. His achievements include
significant impact on the MPI message-passing standard, the first seamless & performant
Grid infrastructure Unicore, pioneering use of virtualization in Grid/Cloud systems, and the
Intel Cluster Tools line of SW products. Between 2010 and 2012, he has led the Intel Visual
Computing institute at Saarbrücken. Today, Hans-Christian focuses on the HPC and data
analytics/ML fields, working on system architecture innovation (like the European DEEP,
DEEPER, NEXTGenIO & DEEPEST projects), scalable workload analysis and
characterization methods, and finally on scheduling/orchestration for software-defined,
disaggregated infrastructures.
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