Supporting the mission for the National Cancer Institute while working at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Dr. Stahlberg currently leads collaborative efforts employing high-performance and extreme scale computing to accelerate cancer research and advance predictive oncology. These collaborative efforts include working with the Department of Energy on the Joint Design for Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer, of which CANDLE, the CANcer Distributed Learning Environment provides a critical deep learning capability to support pilot efforts in each of the molecular, cellular, and population domains for precision oncology. Dr. Stahlberg is also a member of the governing board for Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine (ATOM). Making a priority of bringing new computing capabilities to the cancer and medical research community broadly, Dr. Stahlberg also leads efforts in portability and interoperability across several projects and programs.
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Exascale Systems
Molecular Research
Parallel Applications
Personalized Medicine