In 2008, by defending his thesis in field of computer networks and operating systems, Siavash received his bachelor degree in computer science from "Shiraz" university. After that, he pursued his study in computer science as a master student in university of "Science and Technology". During the master program, his main focus was on distributed systems, clusters and grids. Although he was always working beside his education, in 2011 after obtaining his master degree he decided to join a prestigious software company and enrich his experimental expertise; there he had the role of "system software designer/developer". In 2013 he was ready again to continue his study and therefore he started his PhD in TU-Dresden under supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel. Since then, he is a PhD student in TU-Dresden and a research assistant in "cfaed" (Cluster of Excellence, funded by DFG). For further information:
Research Poster
Exascale Systems