Andreas Stiller
Andreas Stiller (born 1952) studied physics in the 1970s in Hanover/Germany,
where he used to program the Cyber 76 of the RRZN (the regional datacenter at
the university). His entire working life from 1983 until his
retirement end of 2017 he worked as editor for the heise publishing house, where
the computer magazine c't was launched end of 1983 -- today the largest printed
IT-magazin world wide. His main topics were processor technology and hardware-
related programming and sometimes highlights in the physical world like the
first beam at CERN, or the detection of graviational waves ...
For more than 20 years he wrote a regular column called "processor whispers". In the 90s
he added High Performance Computing to his area of interest. Since 2000 he
hasn't missed any ISC in Germany and since 2009 he attended all SCs in the US.
Now retired he still continues to work as freelancer in the HPC- and processor space.
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Computer Architecture
HPC Accelerators
Post Moore’s Law Computing