Francois Courteille
François Courteille is a principal solutions architect with NVIDIA, helping customers and partners
develop accelerated High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning solutions with
GPUs. He is particularly focused on AI and HPC applications from education and research and the
energy industry, mostly Oil & Gas. As DLI certified instructor he is teaching the Fundamentals in
Computer Vision and Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with OpenACC courses. Prior to
joining NVIDIA, François spent three decades as technical leader for HPC companies, Control
Data Corporation, Evans & Sutherland, Convex, NEC Corporation, where he ported and tuned
HPC application software on large scale parallel and vector systems with a specific focus on
linear algebra solvers. He has a MS degree in Computer Science from Institut National des
Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon, France.
Education and Training
Parallel Algorithms
Parallel Applications