Louis Capps
Louis Capps is a Principal Supercomputing Solutions Architect at NVIDIA with 27 years of high performance system design and simulation focused on CPU, I/O, interconnect and storage performance for large computational cluster solutions. In this role, Louis focuses on novel designs that embrace emerging Supercomputing technologies needed for HPC, Deep Learning, Analytics and Visualization applications with recent advancements in Deep Learning and Data Analytics research. In addition, Louis is inventor on over 30 patents in processor, I/O and energy efficient design and is keenly interested in vetting future technology performance, benchmarking and tuning systems for advanced research disciplines and evaluating performance between multiple architectures. Louis works with both government and industry principles on current and future solutions and is also involved with several initiatives paving the way for GPUs to enable exa-scale solutions. Louis graduated from Arizona State University with a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Electric Engineering and currently enjoys Georgetown, TX, USA while raising his family.