Serge G. Petiton received the Ph.D. degree, and the “Habilitation à diriger des recherches” from Pierre and Marie Curie University. He was post-doc student, registered at the graduate school, and junior researcher scientist at the Yale University, 1989-1990. He has been researcher at the “Site Experimental en Hyperparallelisme” from 1991 to 1994. He also was affiliate research scientist at Yale and visiting research fellow in several US laboratories during the period 1991-1994. Since 1994, Serge G. Petiton is professor at the University of Lille 1. Since 2012, he has a half time CNRS senior position at the “Maison de la Simulation” in Saclay. He has been scientific director of more than 23 Ph.D.s and has authored more than 100 articles on international journals and conferences. His main current research interests are in “Parallel and Distributed Computing”, “Auto-tuned Dense and Sparse Linear Algebra”, and “Language and Programming Paradigm for Extreme Modern Scientific Computing”.
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