Alistair Hart
Alistair Hart is an Application Specialist with Cray UK Ltd. and part of Cray's European Applications team. Dr. Hart currently specialises in benchmarking applications, particularly on heterogeneous systems with accelerated nodes. Prior to this, he was a member of the Cray Exascale Research Initiative Europe exploring programming models and system software for future exascale-class supercomputer architectures, including as part of the EU-funded CRESTA and EPiGRAM projects. He has extensive experience in using OpenMP and OpenACC accelerator directives for established HPC applications, and in presenting this experience to HPC users through multi-day hands-on tutorials, workshop talks and seminars and journal papers. He joined Cray after an academic career researching theoretical particle physics and lattice QCD using HPC.
Extreme-Scale Computing
HPC Accelerators
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Scientific Software Development