Marie-Christine Sawley
Marie-Christine Sawley is lab director of the Intel Data centre Exascale Computing research in
Paris. She holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from EPFL (1985) and after a postdoc at the University
of Sydney, she joined EPFL to lead a number of HPC initiatives for introducing new technology at
EPFL such as the Vital IT partnership between HP, EPFL and the SIB. She joined the ETH Zurich
in 2003 as general manager of the Swiss national Supercomputing centre, expanding its large
scientific and technology portfolio. From 2008 until 2010 she worked as senior scientist at the
Institute for particle physics of ETH on the LCG grid for the CMS detector. She now leads the Intel
ECR lab in Paris, as well as managing both the High Throughput Collaboration with CERN
Openlab and the code modernization effort with BSC.
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