Sonja Klingert has been with the University of Mannheim since January 2010 as a researcher and local manager for European research projects (STREP) like FIT4Green, All4Green, and DC4Cities. Currently, she is works as local lead for the H2020 project ELECTRIFIC. Before joining University of Mannheim, she was coordinator of the European research project (STREP) GridEcon at the International University in Germany. Prior to this, she worked as a researcher for the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany. Her research interest is in demand response with data centres and other consumers and corresponding metrics, in green business models, eco-aware contracts like GreenSLA and GreenSDA as well as eco-aware requirements engineering processes. Among others, she was chair of the international workshop series Energy Efficient Data Centres (E2DC) (2012-2016) and was part of the organization team of the international conference ACM e-Energy (2015-2016).