Graduated from UIUC with PhD in AAE, Weicheng worked at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, NCSA in the US, and NCHC after many years. He has involved in various research areas, including numerical simulations (such as CFD, chao system), parallel processing, cluster computing, Grid computing, Cloud computing and most recently the Big Data arena. During his term as the deputy director in charge of HPC, he had built the very supercomputers that exceeded the TF and 100-TF level that boost the supercomputing development in Taiwan. During those years, he also initiated the storage service which evolved into data service nowadays in NCHC. Weicheng has been invited to join SC and ISC as committee member for many times and is glad to be able to contribute to the community. Recently, he is taking the lead in the development of National Data Service of Taiwan as well as the international collaboration associate with it.