Neda Ebrahimi Pour
I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Siegen. After I took a course on simulation techniques I got interested in the topic and did my master thesis in this field at the institute, that offered this lecture. After I finished my masters, I started working on my PhD at the same institute. By this intensive work in the field I gained many insights and learned how to leverage large simulations to find insights to physical phenomena. While during the studies many of the foundations for my work remained abstract and not tangible, I now have very practical experiences and learned the various uses of those concepts in my work. My master thesis was based on simulations in the research area of seawater desalination. At that time I got the opportunity to work on a national super computer and get to know, how powerful and helpful such computers can be. It has been one and a half year since I started my PhD in the area of fluid-structure-acoustics interaction and coupled simulations.