Piotr Luszczek received PhD for sparse direct and iterative methods for linear
systems of equations with optimized computational kernels. Subsequently, he
worked on out-of-core linear solvers, self-adaptation and autotuning software.
He co-designed parallel programming languages in industrial and governmental
lab positions. He publishes conferences and journal articles as well as books
chapters and patents. The major themes of his research work are performance
modeling and evaluation in the context of tuning of parallelizing compilers as
well as energy-conscious aspects of heterogeneous and embedded computing.
Throughout his professional career, Luszczek is the principal developer of
established industry benchmarks: HPL, HPCC, and HPCG.
Research Poster
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Heterogeneous Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Birds of a Feather
HPC Accelerators
Math Library Design
Parallel Algorithms
Parallel Applications
Scientific Software Development